Bathing Filters

The thought of having a filtered shower head or a bath tub filter for your child would be necessary.  But you are potentially exposed the same amount of chlorine and contaminants by taking a 10 minute shower as what you drink each day.

Chlorine vapors are inhaled at a higher concentration with a hot shower or hot bath.  The skin will also absorb chlorine and other contaminants. Short-term effects can be skin irritation and long-term health effects include an increased risk of developing cancerous cells in your body.

The various shower and bath filters have a chemical reaction that neutralizes the harmful chlorine into a harmless chloride that is too large to be absorbed or inhaled.

Here is a quick overview on what filtered shower heads and bath tub water filters are.  For more information, please click on the appropriate links to read more!

Filtered Shower Heads 

  1. Carbon/KDF Filter- Neutralizes chlorine that also removes other harmful contaminants at the same time.
  2. Vitamin C Filter- Neutralizes chlorine and chloramines.  Vitamin C is the only bathing filter media certified to remove chloramines.  They do not remove any other contaminants from the water.
  3. Zeolite Filter- A filtered combination of carbon, KDF 85, activated alumina, and zeolite.  It is the most complete filter that can remove or reduce the highest number of contaminants including viruses and bacteria.  It is recommended for people with a highly contaminated water source.

Bath Tub Water Filters

  1. Dechlorinating Bath Salts- Put a capful into the bath water and it will neutralize the chlorine.  You are going to have to buy these online due to improper use from “bath salt” drug addicts.
  2. Bath Ball Filters- These hang from the faucet (make sure your stopper is on top of the faucet) and will neutralize chlorine and other contaminants like iron oxide (rust) and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).  More expensive models can also remove chloramines.
  3. Vitamin C tablets- These will neutralize chlorine and chloramines.  They do not remove any other contaminants.  One drawback to these tablets is they contain sorbitol, which might be a dealbreaker for some.  You often see these advertised as tablets to help control the water quality in hot tubs.